Children’s Advocacy Centers

A Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) is a comprehensive, child-centered program based in a facility that provides an immediate and compassionate response to a child’s outcry of abuse.  CACs use a team-approach to coordinate the investigation and treatment services for children involved in allegations of sexual abuse or serious physical abuse.

At a Children’s Advocacy Center…

Children share the details of their abuse experience with trained, caring professionals

Child victims connect with specialized mental health and medical services to treat their physical and psychological health needs

Child victims and their caregivers are linked with community resources to resolve the abuse crisis

Child abuse professionals – law enforcement, DCF workers, prosecutors, therapists, medical providers and victim advocates – share information to coordinate their strategies tailored to each case and improve decision-making by working together.

This unique model of collaboration is designed to ensure children are not re-victimized by the very system designed to protect them.

CACs are developed to meet the needs of their local communities. While distinct in some ways, all CACs in Kansas deliver services consistent with the national accreditation standards and share a universal commitment to the goals of the CAC model:

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