Signs of Child Abuse - Children's Advocacy Centers of Kansas
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Signs of Child Abuse

Recognizing and reporting child abuse is the first step in getting help for an abused child.

Possible indicators of child abuse or neglect:

  • Unexplained injuries
  • Changes in emotional behavior, including withdrawal, fear, anxiety or aggression
  • Fear of going home with a certain person
  • Changes in school performance or frequent absences from school
  • Changes in sleeping patterns, nightmares
  • Regressive behaviors such as fear of dark, fear of strangers or loss of acquired language
  • Demonstrates bizarre or unusual sexual knowledge or behaviors
  • Presence of a sexually transmitted disease or infection
  • Disregard for physical hygiene
  • Sudden changes in eating
  • Begs for or steals food
  • Lacks medical or dental care
  • Risk-taking behaviors, such as alcohol or drug use, running away
  • If a child tells you about abuse, listen. Believe. Children rarely lie about abuse. Reassure the child it’s not his/her fault. Report the abuse to the authorities.